Mike Zawilinski: National Teams Standings with Head Coach and Executive Director

​Interview with Mike Z, the executive director of Powerlifting America and head coach of the Classic Open US National Teams headed to IPF worlds in Malta and the NAPF regional championships in the Cayman Islands. We talked about the current standings for these two National teams, who’s clinched a spot, who’s still in the hunt, and how the 8 American athletes going to Sheffield factor into the mix. Mike is an OG in powerlifting, he’s done a lot for the sport since getting involved way back in 1998, and we’re lucky to have him at Powerlifting America.
The 2023 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships is the most important competition in powerlifting history with the largest prize fund in powerlifting history. Nine of the 24 athletes invited to Sheffield are from Powerlifting America. Watch the livestream March 25th on SBD’s youtube channel here.
Watch the entire Road to Sheffield series here.
Thank you to our partners, SBD and Eleiko.
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