Vin Mangione: Coaching the US National Team, PA Junior Nats and more!

​Vin Mangione is a US National Teams coach for the Juniors and Sub-Juniors. Vin owns Kenmore Barbell in Buffalo New York (technically it’s Kenmore New York, one of the towns that makes up the greater Buffalo area). Vin is a coach, a lifter, referee, meet director and a gym owner. He does a lot for the sport of powerlifting and he’s bringing a big squad of lifters to Powerlifting America Nationals in one week. After that he’ll be coaching the US National Teams at the North American Championships in the Cayman Islands and the Junior and Sub-junior World Championships in Romania. He talks about the qualifying criteria for those competitions, his gameday coaching strategy, how he’s built such a strong community in Buffalo, and the growing rivalry with Team France.
Don’t forget to tune in to the grand finale of our Powerlifting America National Championships: Sub-Junior, Junior, Masters and Equipped Nationals starting June 2. Every session is stacked with talent, starting off with a bang on Friday morning with a 4 way battle in the 63kg juniors and loaded battles and solo performances all the way through. You can find the livestream on our website here:
You can find all of the qualifying criteria and updated current standings for the Junior and Sub-Junior National teams here:

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