Joe Cappellino 5/19/13

Had some eggs, yogurt and peanut butter to start off the day.  I wasnt going to brueggers, So I clogged my own toilet.  Makes you think…. I should probably stop doing that to the good people at brueggers, somebodys gotta plunge.

Drove down to the gym and had a Clif Bar and Synergy.

I was contemplating going for a raw Bench PR today and so I made the decision when I was warming up with Ben and Big Rich on the shit dick platform.  Even though it hurt to lay down on the bench, I was down to do a mock meet of 3 bench singles.






484×1 (this was a legit pause and smoke)

501×1 (Bounce city)

That right there was my first 500 bench, dont really care if it was paused or not.

3 board

Moved over to the hero bench to do some board work with king lou.




Machine Row

100kg x 2 x 20

150kg x 2 x 20

DB side Lat Raises


DB flyes

4×15 with 20s

Reverse Hyper

3×25 (no weight)

2×25 (20kgs) woo!

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