SSPT Pull-up Program

01/21/2015 Matthew Gary 0

Every human should be able to do one pull-up. If you can’t, you’re either too fat, weak, or both. Pull-up ability is largely a function of strength to bodyweight ratio. Read More

09/07/2013 Matthew Gary 0

Own your performance and take responsibility for your actions. That was the mandate issued in Upholding the Standard in March 2012 and while the more things change, the more they Read More

Powerlifting Toward Wellness

11/19/2012 Matthew Gary 0

Exercise selection is the foundation of any strength training program. One question I’m frequently asked is, “What exercises do you recommend?” My stock reply is, “Choose a compound movement that Read More

Requisites for Success

08/27/2012 Matthew Gary 0

Success in athletics is easily quantifiable in a myriad of ways including PRs, scores, and winning. Success is neither an accident nor a coincidence. Achieving success is a process and Read More

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