Creative Program Design

12/31/2012 Saul Shocket 0

Are you ready to think “outside the box”? Whether due to injury, boredom, or sticking point, allowing some creativity in your program design might yield very satisfying results. Most strength Read More

Death of Squatting, I Think Not!

12/03/2012 Mass-Lift 0

I attended Mike Boyle’s “Death of Squatting” presentation at the 2nd Annual Boston Hockey Summit and Basketball Symposium at Northeastern University Sunday, May 23, 2010. I come from a powerlifting Read More

Powerlifting Toward Wellness

11/19/2012 Matthew Gary 0

Exercise selection is the foundation of any strength training program. One question I’m frequently asked is, “What exercises do you recommend?” My stock reply is, “Choose a compound movement that Read More

Requisites for Success

08/27/2012 Matthew Gary 0

Success in athletics is easily quantifiable in a myriad of ways including PRs, scores, and winning. Success is neither an accident nor a coincidence. Achieving success is a process and Read More

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