Joe Cappellino 5/17/13

This night was the last night of the lu-yee squats with Luis.  I hurt my back about a month ago doing this stuff and kept trucking, I was pretty nervous going into tonight knowing the weight was going to be ridiculous.

I sent my competition suit to Ginny in Maine to get it tightened up.  Word on the street is she is the master of altering Inzer gear.  Long story short it didnt come back in time so I used my loose TRX bottoms again.

600lbs+Blue Bands+6 chains (TRX bottoms only)





I was supposed to do 6 doubles, but it was just not happening.  I know I can walk out anything, and lock it out too…. now I have 4 weeks to figure out how to squat real weights in full gear.

Reverse Hyper

50kgxlots of sets and reps


So I woke up the next morning basically not able to walk, and my lower back strain worse than ever.

I hit Xaverian to do weightless reverse hypers (5×30) and box jumps (5×5).  We foam rolled and sticked for days.  I iced a couple times too.  I made the executive decision to take a workout or two off, which means this is pretty bad.  I will attempt to squat on Friday, 5/24 down at QUEST.


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