Joe Cappellino – Quest Weekend 2.0 (MDW 2013)

05/28/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Flew out on thursday evening.  Got a window seat which isnt the greatest… and I swear the guy next to me was encroaching on my space just to make me feel even worse that I am too fat for planes. I hate flying for a list of reasons but I landed in Atlanta and got on the MARTA to Chamblee station.  The guys picked me up there.  When I got to Shermans house he immediately Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/21/13

05/23/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Went down to Baystate originally just to roll out and stretch and visit the guys.  Concentrating on healing my back enough to train my ass of at Quest this weekend.  I decided some upper body work wouldnt be the worst thing in the world, and would get the juices going. Speed Bench, medium grip 308x2x3 319x6x3 Latpulldown 5×20 with 210 Reverese Hyper 0 kg x 3 x 10 30 kg x 12, 15, 20, 20 Read More

Linear Periodization is Not Your Enemy. . .

05/22/2013 Daniel Jaffe 0

It has become obvious to me over the past couple years of coaching and training that when people hear the words “linear” and “periodization” in concert with one another, they automatically turn-off. I haven’t met a single resistance-trained “athlete” that doesn’t consider themselves well-enough experienced in “the art of the iron-game” (to quote Dr. Randall Strossen) to be beyond this “elementary practice.” I guess I can understand where people can have qualms with this type Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/19/13

05/20/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Had some eggs, yogurt and peanut butter to start off the day.  I wasnt going to brueggers, So I clogged my own toilet.  Makes you think…. I should probably stop doing that to the good people at brueggers, somebodys gotta plunge. Drove down to the gym and had a Clif Bar and Synergy. I was contemplating going for a raw Bench PR today and so I made the decision when I was warming up with Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/17/13

05/20/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

This night was the last night of the lu-yee squats with Luis.  I hurt my back about a month ago doing this stuff and kept trucking, I was pretty nervous going into tonight knowing the weight was going to be ridiculous. I sent my competition suit to Ginny in Maine to get it tightened up.  Word on the street is she is the master of altering Inzer gear.  Long story short it didnt come back Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/16/13

05/17/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Today marked an end of an era.  I drove myself to work and the gym.  This means I didnt carpool with Ben and Big Titty.  It was somewhat of a ritual to go to Big Tittys house and wake him up from his mid afternoon nap, bring him to teddys and watch him buy dip and chocolate milk.  I will miss those days but things will be moving more efficiently for me from here on out. CG Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/14/13

05/17/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Went in here looking to squat for some good volume, but as usual no real plan… just rollin with the body Squat 429×1 496×8 496×8 551×1 606×1 Cruisin…. back was feeling weird so from there I did some light assistance Bench, Medium Grip 5×5 with 363 Goodmornings, Light Bunch of sets of 5 up top 176 Beltless Speed Pulls 308 x 6 singles  

A Review of Central Nervous System Fatigue

05/15/2013 Ryan Donahue 0

INTRODUCTION Central Nervous System (CNS) fatigue is a topic so unexplored by the scientists of today that we still do not know the specific mechanism that causes it [1]. CNS fatigue, also referred to as neuromuscular fatigue, is a subjective state in which one feels tired or exhausted and in which the capacity for normal work or activity is reduced [17]. Muscle fatigue, the decline in voluntary force during sustained maximal efforts, is caused by Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/12/13

05/13/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Rolled Down to Baystate Early.  As usual I had 5 eggs and bacon, then I went down to brueggers bagels to get a salmon bagel and coffee.  Last week I clogged the toilet there, this week was a little better but I still made a mess of the place.  Big Titty Mike was 45 mins late so I hung outside of baystate with charlie until 10:45.  He didnt have his dog for some reason which Read More

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