Joe Cappellino 8/27

08/28/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Pause Squats 6 doubles at 363, no belt.  Long ass pauses.   Incline bench – Thai massage made my shoulder feel alot better 264 x 2 x 5 308 x 3 x 5.   Anello Deadlift – All No belt, Double overhand up until the double 341×10 396×5 484×3,  pronated grip for second two 529×0 (Double overhand) 529×2 595×1 667×1 Block Pulls, inch or two below the knee 595×5 661×3 722×2 ABS… whatever Read More

Joe Cappellino 8/20-8/25

08/27/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Gotta put down a full week of training on this one. Tuesday my hammy was still feeling a little sore so I started by doing beltless pause squats. I did 6 doubles of 341… real world class stuff here right? Then I inclined benched 5×5 with 286…. shoulder was feeling jacked. Then I did the anello and pulled 573 for five beltless singles… that felt real good.  Did some abs DBs rows (100s x 20 Read More

Joe Cappellino 8/13, 8/15 & 8/16

08/20/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Week 6 of shieko… what a ride. Tuesday I went in and squatted 529 3×3 and 562 3×2 .  On the last rep of the last double… something in my hammy/ass region twinged.  I was PISSED to say the least.  I have been doing a ton of volume lately and it was bound to happen.  I hit the benches 391 2×2, 441 2×1 and then 391 2×2.  I was supposed to squat again 4×4 a Read More

Joe Cappellino 8/6-8/11/2013

08/12/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

This is what I did for week 5 of the shieko master of sport.  Everything is self explantory except the test day. On thursday I went in still feeling beat up from the program in general and the 744 bench a few days prior.  I had in my head that I had a personal best of 1862 raw from last year going 9 for 9.  I also knew my gym PRs. I crushed the last Read More

Joe Cappellino 7/30, 8/1& 8/2

08/06/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

This was what I did for week 4 of shieko master of sport.  I skipped the benches on Friday because I competed on sunday at the Pro Summerslam bench.  Summary of this weeks training… Squats and Benches were awesome and fast, Deadlifts were miserable.  The summerslam meet was great.  Myself, John Bogart and Titty were all taking out big weights but at the end I came out on top with a 744 bench to Bogarts Read More