Joe Cappellino 8/20-8/25

Gotta put down a full week of training on this one.

Tuesday my hammy was still feeling a little sore so I started by doing beltless pause squats.

I did 6 doubles of 341… real world class stuff here right?

Then I inclined benched 5×5 with 286…. shoulder was feeling jacked.

Then I did the anello and pulled 573 for five beltless singles… that felt real good.  Did some abs DBs rows (100s x 20 reps x 2) and called it a day.

Im going to continue with these exercises for tuesday nights in the hole.


Thursday I came in and did some benches up to 375 for 5 triples, then I squatted 455 5×5, after that I benched again 331 4×4.  I hit some abs and cant remember what else… maybe that was it.

Friday was my first day in gear…. I warmed up to 429 with no belt, then put on my new TRX courtesy of Inzer.  It was nice and snug.  I wore a light wrap, straps down.  I did 760 3×3.  A video of my last set is below.

I then hit some deficit pulls with 308, some bridges abs and that was it.

Sunday was a nice bench day.  I worked up to 407 for 3 doubles with a pause.  Then hit 2 triples of a 2 board with 473.  I havent done board work in a long time since starting shieko.  I need to get it back to where it was… should happen fairly quick.

Then I did some floor presses and hit 2 sets of 10 with 264 uber close grip.  Latpulls and machine rows were next.  Then I decided it was a good time to squat again.  I hit 484 for 5 doubles no belt.

I went to my thai massage lady on monday, she rode me like a champ and I am feeling good for this weeks training.



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