Eric Kupperstein Named Athlete of the Year

In last month’s National Governing Body Meeting (NGB) Eric Kupperstein of Cohasset was unanimously elected as the first ever USA Powerlifting Athlete of the Year Award.  This is a new award that was created at the 2011 NGB to accompany: Brother Bennett Award, Coach of the Year and Referee of the year. The USA Powerlifting Athlete of the Year Award is given to the athlete with the most successful year, representing USA Powerlifting in National and International competitions.

2011/12 Highlight:

  • 2011 USAPL Master’s National Championships- National Champion 56kg
  • 2011 USAPL Men’s National Championships- National Champion 56kg
  • 2011 USAPL Raw National Championships- Open and M1 National Champion 56kg
  • 2011 IPF Master’s World Championships- M1 World Champion 59Kg
  • 2011 IPF World Championships- 9th Place 59Kg
  • 2012 USAPL Master’s National Championships- National Champion 59kg
  • 2012 IPF World Classic Cup (Raw World Championships) – 3rd Place 59Kg

Each year, recognition is given to the officials, athletes and coaches who represent the highest standards of service to their fellow athletes and the ideals of USA Powerlifting. These are the Honorary Awards. They are voted on at the National Governing Body Meeting which is held in conjunction with Men’s National Championships. These awards reflect the highest esteem of the governing delegates of USA Powerlifting. Nomination to these prestigious awards is an honor in itself. The recipients of the Honorary Awards exemplify the values of USA Powerlifting, our sport as a whole and the drug free ethic that is central to our organization.

Visit the USA Powerlifting Honorary Awards Page

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