2012 Boston Open Nomination List

USAPL Boston Open Championships

Morss Hall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

September 15, 2012

Current Nomination List (45 entries):

Powerlifting (3-lift)
Women’s Raw Junior
Eunice Giarta
Minna Song
Stephanie Birkhimer
Women’s Raw Open 105’s
Syler Wagner
Women’s Raw Open 132’s
Joanne Craig
Allssa Haveson
Women’s Raw Open 148’s
Virginia Chiu
Women’s Masters
Joanne Craig
Nona Hubbard
Women’s Equipped Open 165’s
Erika Myers
Men’s Youth
Tristen Krensavage
Men’s Junior 165’s
Yi Sun
Xiaolin (Danny) Shi
Wuqiong Fan
Men’s Raw Junior 181’s
Matt Cassista
Christopher Chin
James Marcotte
Men’s Raw Junior 198’s
Jancarlo Perez
Jonathan Slocum
Men’s Raw Junior 275’s
Ronny Balboa
Men’s Raw Open 181’s
Matt Cassista
Adam Conrad
James Marcotte
Men’s Raw Open 198’s
Brandon Hopkins
John Williams
Lauren  Cohen
William Pepicelli
Kyle Lussier
Men’s Raw Open 220’s
Ben Leiden
Steven Halliday
Men’s Raw Open 275+’s
Joseph Cappellino
Men’s Raw Sub Masters
Paul Oestvaer
Esteban  Rubens
Anthony Salvucci
Men’s Equipped Sub Masters
George Sousa
Men’s Raw Master’s (50-59)
Simon Rowland
Men’s Raw Master’s (70+)
Brewster Righter
Men’s Raw Junior’s
Andrii Zhmud
Men’s Raw Open
Donald Staton
Bench Press
Men’s Raw Open
Suneal Bedi
Men’s Raw Master’s
Charles Cocci
Women’s Raw Open
Joanne Craig
Women’s Raw Master’s
Joanne Craig
Men’s Raw Junior’s
Pramod Kandel
Men’s Raw Master’s
Brewster Righter


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