2020 USA Powerlifting Northeast Regionals CANCELED

06/18/2020 Mass-Lift 0

All lifters that had previously registered for this event have gotten an email with instructions on what to do. While this probably isn’t surprising news to some it was definitely a difficult decision to make as we wanted to hold this event even if it was later in the year. With all of the postponed events, it didn’t make sense to hold a large event while other meet directors still wanting to run their own Read More

10th Annual USA Powerlifting Ryan Moore New England High School State Championships – Update

02/28/2020 Mass-Lift 0

Athletes and Coaches,Thank you for your participation in this event. I just wanted to post some updates regarding the event. All equipment (wraps, belts, singlets) must conform to the standards outlined in the USA Powerlifting Rule Book (https://www.usapowerlifting.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/USAPL-Rulebook-v2019.5.pdf ). As a High School athlete lifting in a High School Meet you are allowed to wear Form Fitting Shorts and T-Shirt instead of a singlet, in this case, your t-shirt must be tucked into your shorts before stepping onto the Read More

USA Powerlifting Northeast Regional Championship- Update 1 (Most Common Questions)

07/06/2018 Mass-Lift 0

  I am going to attempt to answer the most common questions we currently are receiving regarding this year’s regionals. How do I register? The full registration form is available HERE. Is the roster posted anywhere? Yes, it is now on our event page, but it is also listed at the bottom of this post. How can I change my weight class or division: While the entry form is still active all you need to Read More

Upcoming Competitions – Spring/Summer 2017 in New England

03/14/2017 Roy Apostle 0

So many meets, so little time. USA Powerlifting has grown exponentially in the Northeast, mainly due to the hard work of the meet directors and their army of volunteers. As a result, if you are a powerlifter in the Northeast, there numerous opportunities to get onto the platform and smash PRs. Meet directors have loaded up the schedule so far this year, with more meets for the fall in the works. Here is a brief Read More

Update – 7th Annual Ryan Moore New England States High School Championship (MA-2017-02)

03/08/2017 Mass-Lift 0

Athletes and Coaches, All athletes must have a current USA Powerlifting Membership before arriving. We won’t have forms available at the meet to register as a member. Please do so now at https://www.usapowerlifting.com/member-tools/membership.php Also please remember all lifter must have underwear without legs (no compression shorts or boxers of any kind), and all lifter must have socks that cover their shins for the deadlift. The revised schedule for this weekend will be: Session 1 – 7:00 am Read More

5th Annual Winter Classic – Update

02/21/2017 Mass-Lift 0

Athletes, First, let me apologize for the timing of this update, I wanted to get this out to everyone at least two weeks out. This competition reached the cap a couple of months ago with dozens of people asking to be added to a waitlist. We tried to accommodate as many as possible as we learned of withdrawals. This meet will be right at our capacity to run a one platform meet over two days, so we had to Read More

Start List and Updates- Winter Classic

02/24/2016 Mass-Lift 0

The 2016 edition of the USA Powerlifting Winter Classic has exploded to 142 lifters. This large turnout will cause some minor changes to the schedule, please see them below. Please make sure your membership is current date, if not please renew online at www.usapowerlifting.com today. Also please review the lifters handbook and pay special attention to the section regarding briefs and personal equipment: http://www.usapowerlifting.com/wpcontent/uploads/2014/01/USAPLHandbook2.pdf If you have any questions after reviewing the lifters handbook please Read More

6th Annual Ryan Moore New England Open High School Championships (MA-2016-03)

01/13/2016 Mass-Lift 0

On March 13th high school athletes from around New England and beyond will gather to compete at the 6th Annual Ryan Moore New England Open High School Championships. This year’s championship will again be help at Xaverian Brothers High School, the alma mater of the late Ryan Moore. This Championship in the past has feature the strongest lifters from several high schools including Xavarian Brothers High School, Coyle & Cassidy High School, St. John’s High Read More

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