Joe Cappellino – Quest Weekend 2.0 (MDW 2013)

Flew out on thursday evening.  Got a window seat which isnt the greatest… and I swear the guy next to me was encroaching on my space just to make me feel even worse that I am too fat for planes.

I hate flying for a list of reasons but I landed in Atlanta and got on the MARTA to Chamblee station.  The guys picked me up there.  When I got to Shermans house he immediately made sure I had some synergy and home-made almond butter in my body so I would feel good the next day.

I slept late friday, but when I woke up I drank 5 raw eggs and then we went to get Hibachi.  Im pretty sure all Brooks and Sherman eat is steak and rice so we all just joined in on their normal lunch ritual.  After that we were ready to train.

My back is pretty jacked up but what the hell, lets squat in gear.



Up to 405 Raw

All sets straps up from here in



675×1 with light wrap

815×3 with light wrap

The pain was almost unbearable.  Squats were high.  I would like to be doing triples in the high 800s but for now I had to shut it down.

Bench-MD Grip




405×7, missed the 8th

We then gathered up and headed out to Sydneys Buffet.  PT was eating like a bird, so I ate for seven.  Sydneys Buffet is one of my Atlanta must visit spots.

We got home and Sherman fixed me an Ice Bath.  It helped but the back was cranked.  We hung out for the rest of the night as I stressed about trying to deadlift on saturday.

Saturday we got up and had a family breakfast.  Charlie fixed some eggs with the WOK and sherman made his famous oatmeal.

Long Story Short is we got to the gym and I tried to deadlift.  Did a few reps up to 585 and then had to shut it down.  Needless to say it may not have been the worst deadlift of the day but we were all sucking.

I was depressed so I decided to bench again. Charlie is always benching heavy everyday so I just jumped in with him.

2.5 board bench, comp grip



Row Machine

Lots of sets of 10

After that me and brooks somehow made it to Yogurt Mountain.  I got 23.1 ounces in my cup and ate it all in one sitting which must make me some kind of legend.  Caramel pretzel cheesecake is no joke people.

AFTER THAT, we all headed up to the lakehouse in Clemson, SC.  We swam, grilled, boated around from sunrise to sundown for the next 2 days.  It was awesome.  We called Curt and Rivas alot to bother them, which was Fun AF.

Monday morning we went back to train again.  I was in a squeeze since I had to get to the airport.  In the back of my mind I knew I needed to get to yogurt mountain again with Brooks so I had to bang a quick workout.


405×1 raw

Add Rage-x

495×1 3bd

585×1 2bd

635×1 1bd

675×1 D&P (Dump & Pump, for gear whores only)

675×1 D&P

705×1 smoke show

Lat Pulls plate loaded



Band tricep pushdowns x millions

I incepted Brooks with the idea to shower and then go to the mountain on the way to the MARTA.  He lit up with excitement.  Not counting or anything but its probably Brooks and I’s 3rd man date to YM where we discuss life, dreams, premonitions, yogurt and lifting.  I got the 16 ouncer for speedwork so I can make my flight, and that was that folks.  Quest is a great team and company, and a great family.  If you are powerlifting its definitely where you want to be.  Brooks, Vang, Charlie and myself will be competing at Mens Nats in a few weeks along with quest legend Doc Hollaway.  We should have a pretty solid team, but all in all injuries or deciding to compete is coming down to the wire for basically everyone.  Not really any stress though, the team is just getting better.




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