Joe Cappellino 10/1, 10/3, 10/4 & 10/6

Another training log where I have to remember an entire week of  exercises.

Tuesday 10/1 was pretty solid.

Pause squat… 6×2 with 440.

DB bench…. sets of 15

DB shoulder press, seated… sets of 15

Im pretty sure I did something awesome after this but I cant remember.




What a day.  My car door is jammed so I had to come in through the passenger side…. My car is small and Im very large and was wearing khakis… so I had to open my sunroof to sort of caddy corner my body into the drivers seat.

On the way to the gym but got there late because of this issue.





Latpulldowns sets of 10

close grip bench

308 x 4 x 6

Around this time titty arrived and did some cardio… he looks dilapidated but jolly as always.

Rolling DB tricep extensions from back in the day.

One handed tricep pushdowns


Friday 10/4 – entire rotiseree chicken was not a great choice for pre workout feast… nicks pancakes, steak eggs and bacon was good for post though.

Squats, worked up to 518 raw.

TRX on… fresh altered.  NICE AND SNUG


716×1 lt wrap

783×1 lt wrap

826x2x2 medium wrap (peach is weak so you know the wrap wasnt tight).


I put on a maxDL that is definetely too small.  Well… I couldnt really stand lockout with anything so it was ugly.

727×1 off the floor

727×1 off blocks


Sunday 10/6

The esteemed rob keller was in town, so I knew I had to touch something so he would not think i was a fucking idiot who cant pick attempts.  Bolt week 3…

raw 440×2…. good speed

Bolt on….

496 to a 3

606 to a 2

650 to a 1

694 to a knee wrap

694 to chest (speed work, no vid… will prob be my opener)

716 to chest (little slow… think i was sore in the triceps from thursday and couldnt pop em like i wanted)

After that I did some side late raises with 40# DBs for 10

Bent over rows… sets of 10 with 264

Machine rows with schlafo grip

JM press for sets 0f 20


4 weeks out… put it in the books

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