Joe Cappellino: Post IPF Worlds and the Future

So usually when I get back from a big meet I am so beat I just take about 2 weeks off of lifting completely.  I may let myself have a few adult beverages, maybe even a night out with friends.  Honestly Ive come back from a meet and purposely skipped meals because I was tired of eating…. Whatever gets my head on straight I will do.

However I came back from Stavanger and was motivated to just keep the ball rolling.  This year I did some more high volume training and really focused on conditioning too.  I executed my lifts with good speed at the meet and I didnt really feel bad at all.  I decided to get back into the gym immediately.  So tuesday after the meet I hit the gym and did some buffalo bar squats with no belt and some military presses, and some abs.

Ive been hitting workouts similar to this for the last 2 weeks, not really going to log them all because they are pretty much on the fly.

The one thing I have been focusing on is my squat technique.  All the european lifters squat upright as fuck… and I need to start doing that.  Physically when I begin my descent I break at my knees first and shoot them out to the side, and that is the change I am focusing on, rather than breaking at my hips first which has gotten me to this point.  Its at this point I realize that I am very close to the top echelon on lifters in the world, but my biggest weakness is the squat.  Hell, I dig myself a pretty good hole after squats even here in the US depending on who the competition is.  Finishing 4th was great this year at worlds, but if I ever have any chance to move up (and who is to say right now if I can or cant? So many factors…) I will need to change my squat…. thats the only factor I can really change right now.

The Future…

I signed up for the Arnold Pro Bench.  I finally got invited although Ive been consistently benching around 700 lbs for 3 years now.  After doing worlds I dont think there is a point in doing that Arnold Pro full power meet, which I have done the last three years.  I am going to throw up some nice benches in my Inzer Bolt and just have a good time this year.

After that I am going to Cancun for a week with my wonderful girlfriend.  I need to make some headway now so that I can enjoy that week off randomnly placed in March when I should be getting ramped up for nationals… but it will be a LONG YEAR.

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