Joe Cappellino 12/12-12-15

Thursday 12/12

Close grip bench

3×6 with 319

Then I did some bodybuilding with ben

Face pulls – sets of 20

Sets of 20 of seated DB shoulder press with the 45s

Plate Loaded Machine row – sets of 20

Tricep rope – sets of 20


Friday 12/13

Leg press – Sets of 30

Leg extensions – Sets of 15

PVC pipe OH squats and Back Squats

Hanging from Fat Bar to decompress spine… held as long as I could for 4 sets to work grip


Sunday 12/15


Paused 407, 440 and 462

Then dropped down and hit 264×22

Latpulldowns for sets of 15 with light weight

Seated DB shoulder presses for 20 with 50s and 60s

Face pulls – sets of 20

More hanging and PVC squats


I wont be lifting this week… through the holiday.  Going to give the back the time off it needs.  As you can see above I was going in and going through the motions/trying to promote some kind of recovery this week.

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