Rick Johnson First Place Podium

Results from 14th Annual North American Championships

The 14th Annual North American Championships was held last week in St. Croix. For those that don’t know the NAPF (North American Powerlifting Federation) is our regional affiliate to the IPF, it includes all North America and the Caribbean. This year was a little different as the meet also was a qualifier for the World Games next year.

Liane World Record Bench
Results in Kilos:

  • Eric Cordeiro 83kg M1 262.5-165-235 1st place.
  • Liane Blyn 84kg Open and M1 240-190.5-220 1st place in both divisions.
    Open and M1 WR bench (420lbs), missed last dead for WR total.
  • Jill Arnow 84kg M2 145-102.5-145 1st place
  • Rick Johnson 93kg M2 215-127.5-250 1st place
  • Luis Jaimes 105kg Open 290-275-287.5 1st place.
  • Zac Cooper was an assistant coach for Team USA
  • Michael Zawilinski ran the live stream and helped coach several lifters.
Luis 666 SquatIf you are a lifter and would like to make a National Team, the first step is qualifying at a national meet please check the USA Powerlifting calendar for Nationals. There are multiple national events: High School, Collegiate, Men and Women Open (equipped), Bench, Raw, and Deadlift-Push/Pull.