Find Your Stable Bench Press Starting Position

This video goes over the proper starting position for the bench press, specifically where the barbell should be over the body. I often see powerlifters have a starting position where the barbell is too far in one direction or the other. This makes the starting position unstable, inefficient, a waste of energy, and can lead to a bad lift off. So this video breaks it all down to help you figure out your correct starting position.

My name is Arian Khamesi and I’m a Powerlifting Coach under Squats & Science. In addition, I’m involved in the sport of Powerlifting as an athlete, meet director, referee, scoring manager, committee member, and more. On this channel, I produce videos that are beneficial for Powerlifting athletes, coaches, meet directors, and referees. The videos will be most applicable to those involved in an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) affiliate, like USA Powerlifting (USAPL). But many of the tips and tricks can also be used for those involved in other Powerlifting federations.

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