7 Tips To Improve Your Competition Day Warm Up Plan

My latest YouTube video is up! This one goes over 7 tips you can use to develop a more effective meet day warm up plan.⁣

1. For most raw lifters, you only need 4 to 6 warm ups. Don’t turn your warm up into a workout.⁣

2. As you go from first to last warm up, you want the jumps to get smaller.⁣

3. You also want the number of reps to go down as you progress through your warm up.⁣

4. You also want the rest time to increase as you’re progressing.⁣

5. Base your warm up jumps on your attempt jumps. Don’t take 5-10 kg jumps warming up and then 20-30 kg jumps for your attempts.⁣

6. Base your warm up plan on how you warm up in the gym. If it works for your training sessions, then don’t change everything up come game day.⁣

7. Leave adequate time between your final warm up and your first attempt. Don’t be that lifter that the bar is loaded for, 60 secs clock is running, and is nowhere to be found.⁣

Hopefully, these tips help you out and are things you can implement for your next meet if you aren’t already using them. And check out the YouTube video if you want to see a more detailed breakdown of each tip with actual examples!⁣

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