Naïve vs Purposeful Practice and Priorities

Written by: Kevin Cann I had one of those “aha moments” yesterday while I was training.  I have been reading quite a bit on deliberate practice, attempting to find a means to squeeze every bit of potential out of each lifter I coach.  This planted the seed for this thinking. I had decided to perform some comp singles this week just to see where I was at.  I hit a 515lb squat, which is 8lbs more than my Read More

2021 National Website Live

01/19/2021 USA Powerlifting 0

The 2021 Nationals website is now live at Due to COVID restrictions, this event is capped.  Important information regarding registration can be found on the Event Updates page. #21usaplnats     The post 2021 National Website Live first appeared on USA Powerlifting. Read More

How To Set SMART Powerlifting Goals

01/15/2021 Arian Khamesi 0

This VIDEO goes over how you should be setting goals for yourself in the sport of Powerlifting. In the video, I go over what is S.M.A.R.T. goals. S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. You want your goals to be Specific. You don’t want your goal to simple by, “I want to get healthy” or “I want to get stronger”. You want to be as specific as possible with your goal so you Read More

Expenses For A Local USA Powerlifting Competition

01/14/2021 Arian Khamesi 0

In this VIDEO, I breakdown our top expenses for our 2021 USAPL Boynton Barbell Center Championship that we recently ran. This gives lifters an insight into where their money goes when they compete. In addition, if you’re interested in becoming a meet director, then this can give you an idea of the costs involved. The meet was a 2-day event with 66 lifters initially entered. Of those 66 lifters, 3 got a refund, 1 got Read More

Noise and Variability of Movement

Written by: Kevin Cann The acquisition of high level skill has always been something that has interested me.  This is probably why hearing Sheiko speak made me want him to coach me and why I lean towards using a Dynamic Systems Theory approach to training and developing the skill of strength. Daniel Wolpert believes that the brain only exists to allow us to move.  He uses the example that all living organisms without a brain do not Read More

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2021 USA Powerlifting National Governing Board Meeting Announcement

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2021 USA Powerlifting National Governing Board Meeting Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront 100 N Atlantic Ave Daytona Beach, FL 32118 Sunday June 20th 9:00am – 5:00pm All current USA Powerlifting members are invited to attend the 2021 National Governing Board (NGB) Meeting. The official agenda will be posted on the USA Powerlifting website the week of June 13th. Nominations for Executive Committee Members: Deadline for Nominations May 20th Elected Executive Committee Positions (3-year terms): Treasurer Secretary Read More

National Championships 2021 – When and Where

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USA Powerlifting National Championships in 2021 are on the schedule!  We are excited to bring National level competition back after a quiet 2020, however, 2021 Nationals will look different than they have in years past due to the challenges of COVID and changes in the IPF schedule.   Military, Police & Fire Nationals Hosted by Robert Keller, this event is scheduled for March 20 & 21 in Orlando, FL. [Website] Juniors Raw & Equipped Full Meet Read More

Latest Powerlifting News (1/7/21)

01/08/2021 Arian Khamesi 0

This video goes over the latest news for IPF World Championships, NAPF Regional Championships, and USAPL National Championships, Regional Championships, and local meets. For Worlds, you can see the dates and locations on the IPF website linked below. For North Americans, the dates aren’t set and may actually be August 16-22nd. For Nationals, the locations and dates have been announced for Military, Collegiate, and High School Nationals. For the others, we’ll hopefully have more information Read More

Understanding Dynamic Correspondence

Written by: Kevin Cann A popular lifter/coach made an arbitrary list of exercises and gave each exercise a rating.  I understand what he was trying to do, and it is really not a bad idea.  Every coach has their own lists of exercises that they prefer.  I could not disagree more with the ratings of a lot of the exercises, but that is not what this article is about. Dynamic Correspondence (DC) was defined by Yuri Verkoshansky in Read More

Favorite Upper Body Accessory Exercises For Powerlifting

01/01/2021 Arian Khamesi 0

VIDEO This video goes over my favorite upper body accessory exercises for the sport of Powerlifting. These are exercises that I use most often with my Squats & Science athletes, and that I have in my various free programs. First off, I like building the triceps for a big bench. A few of my go-to exercises are cable triceps pushdowns, DB Tate press, and dips. For programming, I like to do them 2-4 times per Read More