2021 USA Powerlifting National Governing Board Meeting Announcement

2021 USA Powerlifting National Governing Board Meeting
Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront
100 N Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Sunday June 20th 9:00am – 5:00pm

All current USA Powerlifting members are invited to attend the 2021 National Governing Board (NGB) Meeting.

The official agenda will be posted on the USA Powerlifting website the week of June 13th.

Nominations for Executive Committee Members: Deadline for Nominations May 20th
Elected Executive Committee Positions (3-year terms):

EC Members (2 elected)

2021 Executive Committee Nomination Form

All names submitted as candidates for the Executive Committee will be asked if they are willing to run for the position. If willing to run, they will be asked to provide a resume and letter of interest. Candidates may nominate themselves for election to the Executive Committee.

Nominations for Athlete Representatives: Deadline for Nominations May 20th
USA Powerlifting will be holding an online vote for the 2 Athlete Representative positions whose terms end this year.

Information regarding the Athlete’s Representative position can be found at Athlete Representative Position Description

2021 Athlete Representative Nomination Form

Nominations for Honorary Awards: Deadline for Nominations May 20th
Each year, recognition is given to the officials, athletes and coaches who represent the highest standards of service to their fellow athletes and the ideals of USA Powerlifting. These are the Honorary Awards. They are voted on at the National Governing Body Meeting which is held in conjunction with Men’s National Championships. These awards reflect the highest esteem of the governing delegates of USA Powerlifting. Nomination to these prestigious awards is an honor. The recipients of the Honorary Awards exemplify the values of USA Powerlifting, our sport as a whole and the drug free ethic that is central to our organization.

Information regarding these awards and past recipients can be found at Honorary Award Information

Brother Bennett Award
Athlete of the Year
Coach of the Year
Referee of the Year

2021 Honorary Award Nomination Form

All nominations for honorary awards should include reasons for nomination and background information. There are places in the form to submit this information.

Per the 2017 NGB vote, the voting for the honorary awards will be held online.

All those nominated in 2020 for any position must be renominated in 2021 using the forms provided.

Assigning your vote to a proxy: Deadline to assign Proxy June 14th
A reminder to all State Chairs and voting members: If you are planning to assign your vote to another member in 2021, you must notify the USAPL Secretary, Angela Simons, by filling out the form below.

2021 NGB Proxy Form

The form must be completed by June 14th.
State Chairs must proxy their vote to a member from their state.

Only one vote is allowed per individual. All voting members must have a current membership.

Reminder: the following positions are voting members at the NGB meeting

  • Executive Committee Members
  • Athlete Representatives
  • State Chairs
  • Committee Chairs (Collegiate, Masters, Military, Teen/Jr, Women)
  • Second Voting Representative to the five states with the highest number of registered members in 2020 (CA, FL, NY, TX, WI)

If you have any questions, please contact any Executive Committee member. Executive Committee members’ contact information can be found at Executive Committee Contact Information

Committee Reports: Deadline to submit committee report May 20th
Committee Chairs: Please use the form at 2021 USA Powerlifting NGB Committee Reports to submit your 2020 and 2021 report or to indicate that your committee has no report to submit.

Committee reports need to include the action of the committee from 2020 and 2021.

Committee reports will be included in NGB materials per NGB vote in 2007. Committee chairs are still encouraged to use their time to thank those they wish and give a brief summary at the meeting.

Important Deadlines:
March 20th: Deadline for submitting bylaw changes.
May 20th: Deadline for submitting rule changes.

2021 USA Powerlifting Bylaws and Rule Change Submission Form

(Current by-laws can be found at USA Powerlifting Rules and Bylaws)

Proposals must be submitted in the following format.
• Microsoft Word
• Margins 1″
• Font: Arial
• Font size: 10
• Proposal:
• Rational:

Bylaw and Rule change proposals submitted in 2020 do not need to be resubmitted for 2021.

May 20th: All nominations (2 Athlete Representatives, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Executive Committee positions, and all honorary award nominations) and all committee reports.

June 14th: Deadline to assign NGB proxy.
Assignment of proxies, nominations, amendments, and additions submitted after these deadlines will not be accepted.


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