Fix Your Powerlifting Technique Early On

This VIDEO is part of a series where I go over Powerlifting mistakes I made and mistakes I see in beginner Powerlifters. For the first video in the series, I go over why you should fix your technique as early as you can. The longer you wait to go back and fix your technique, the worse off you’re. You’ll be less likely to commit to taking a step back and fixing your technique. In addition, it’ll take longer to fix the technical faults and get back to where you previously were.

So those that start off with better technique or go back and fix their technique early on, will have a better base to build off of and pass those that refuse to fix their technique. To learn more about how to fix your Powerlifting squat, bench press, and deadlift technique, then check out the lift-specific playlists I’ve made below. These playlists will help you become more efficient in all the powerlifts and help you dominate on the platform.

⚛Squat Tips Playlist⚛
⚛Bench Tips Playlist⚛
⚛Deadlift Tips Playlist⚛

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