Don’t Wait To Do Your First Powerlifting Meet

This VIDEO is part of a series where I go over Powerlifting mistakes I made and mistakes I see in beginner Powerlifters. In the first video in the series, I went over why you should fix your technique as early as you can. In the second video in the series, I went over why you shouldn’t neglect the things you don’t like doing or the things you aren’t good at. In this video, I go over why you should compete in your first Powerlifting competition as soon as possible.

Many people want to wait until they’re “strong enough” to compete in their first Powerlifting competition. They’re worried about what people will think of them if their numbers are “too low”. But anyone whose been around in the sport for some time will tell you not to worry about that and to compete as soon as you can. Nobody at the competition is going to care how much you lift or look down on you. Instead, they’ll be supportive of you and help you through your first meet. In addition, gaining experience as soon as possible will help with future meets. And I’ve noticed that those lifters that say they’re waiting to be “strong enough” before they compete, end up never competing. They keep pushing things back and building up the fear of competing, and then never compete. The lower your numbers are for your first meet, the less stress you’ll have and the easier your baseline numbers will be to improve upon going forward.

If you want to learn how to compete in a USA Powerlifting (USAPL) meet, then check the video linked below. And if you want to learn about competition basics, like rules of performance and how a meet flows, then check out the playlist linked below.

How to Compete in a USAPL meet: 

Powerlifting Competition Basics Playlist:

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