Gaining Strength Without Gaining Bodyweight

Can you gain strength in Powerlifting without gaining bodyweight? In this VIDEO, I break down three different ways I think you can gain strength without gaining weight.

The first method, of course, is by improving your technique. If you can make your movement pattern more efficient, then the current amount of muscle and weight you have right now can move more weight.

The second method is to improve your neural adaptations. You can improve things like force production and rate coding without having to gain weight, and these things will increase your strength.

And the third method is that you can manipulate your bodyweight in the short-term. For example, you can do a bulking phase where you try to gain as much muscle as possible followed by a cutting phase where you try to lose as much body fat as possible. At the end, you’ll be the same bodyweight but have more muscle mass which gives you the potential to lift more weights. In addition, you can walk around at slightly above your weight class limit and water cut down the week of the competition. Many elite powerlifters use this method to be able to walk around at a heavier bodyweight and have more muscle while still being in the same weight class.

And when it comes to this topic, make sure you aren’t forgetting about your long-term potential and development. Don’t force yourself to stay in a weight class or at a bodyweight that’s going to hinder how much muscle mass you can put on and filling out your body. Many lifters are scared to go up a weight class, but it can sometimes end up in them being stronger and more competitive. 

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