Latest Powerlifting News (4/6/21)

In this VIDEO, I break down the latest news in the world of Powerlifting. At the IPF level, not much has changed. All the World Championships are still planned for the same locations and dates as before. In addition, at the NAPF level, not much has changed. The North American Championship is still going as planned since the dedicated video I made on the Championship. If you missed that video, then you can check it out at the link below.

What has changed is at the USAPL level. USAPL announced that they won’t be sending any Sub-Junior or Junior teams to the IPF Sub-Junior & Junior World Championships in Romania or to the IPF Classic World Championships in Belarus. They’re still monitoring the situation for the other age divisions and World Championships in order to make a decision when those get closer. So, we’ll see if USAPL sends a Masters, Open, or bench team this year or not. In addition, as other nations also choose to not send any teams, we’ll see if the IPF is forced to cancel one or more World Championships again.

In addition, another change in the USAPL world is that the National Team fee has been changed. The fee has increased from $375 to $495 going forward. This is so they can fulfill their requirements to the IPF to have 3rd party WADA-compliant testing done for their out-of-competition tests. So, the anti-doping fee portion of the team fee had to be increased from $250 to $370 per athlete. USAPL states the average out-of-competition test costs USAPL $1,150 per test by the 3rd party agency compared to the prior test cost of $256 when done with our own doping control officers.

If you want to learn more about the NAPF North American Championships and how you can compete at it, then check out the video I have on it linked below. And you can check out all my Powerlifting tips and tricks using the link below to get to my Powerlifting Tips playlist.

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