Key Differences Between Elite And Average Powerlifters

In this VIDEO, I go over the key differences between elite-level powerlifters and average-level powerlifters. This video can help you see if you’re neglecting any key factors that can take you to the next level. This was another user-submitted topic. If you have any topics or questions you’d like for me to discuss, then be sure to comment them below or message me directly through my contact information below.

First off, what’s considered “elite” and what’s considered “average” is going to be somewhat subjective. So, this topic partially depends on what you consider to be “elite”. In addition, there’ll always be outliers. There’ll be some elite-level lifters who became elite while neglecting some key factors. And, on the flip side, there’ll be some average-level lifters who are average even while putting as much effort as possible into a number of key factors.

With that said, when comparing elite-level powerlifters to average-level powerlifters, on average, the elite-level lifters are going to have better genetics, better technique, more competition experience, be more consistent with their training, focus on aspects beyond just training, have more muscle and better body composition, and have a stronger belief in themselves and what they can achieve. So, if you want to get better at powerlifting, then you need to look into each of those factors and see if there are improvements that you can make anywhere. Most likely, you’ll be able to put more time and effort into one or more of the factors which will lead to you becoming a higher-level lifter.

As a note, the one factor you can’t change is your genetics. What you’re born with is what you’re born with. But if you want to learn more about the genetics side of things, then check out my video from last week on the topic linked below. In addition, you can check out all kinds of tips and tricks to help you improve at all those other factors in my Powerlifting Tips Playlist linked below.

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