Press Release: August 15, 2021 Update on IPF vs USA Powerlifting Drug Testing Matters


August 15, 2021


(Anchorage, AK) We want to update our members and follow-up to the July 30, 2021 Press Release regarding the IPF charges of USA Powerlifting with failing to comply with the WADA Code, and the threat of fines and suspension.

As anticipated, the IPF made new changes to their Doping Hearing Panel (DHP) procedures in order to rush to judgement:

Arbitration Judge appointed by IPF, 1 day notice
Arbitration Judge confirmed by IPF, 2 day notice
Arbitration Day/Time set, 3 days notice
USAPL Responds to Arbitration with following letter

We have responded to the DHP/assigned arbitrator, consisting of CCES and one individual DHP member,  that we neither plan to participate in a process which will rubber stamp the IPF charges, nor will we comply with a system which purports to further clean sport but which, in reality, does nothing to deter doping other than among the very most elite athletes.

Today (August 15, 2021) the IPF released a statement on their social media channels regarding ‘transparency’ in their anti-doping program. To the contrary, the IPF is anything but transparent. (Merriam-Webster Definition of Transparent:  characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices) This seems to be at odds with their system, in which their testing plan is secret, their proposed number of tests is undisclosed, who has been tested and when they were tested is never released, and who has been found positive is confidential.  

This ‘secrecy’ is not a WADA requirement as other international federations and National Anti  Doping Organizations (NADOs) actively publish test data.  The IPF was the testing authority at the 2021 Collegiate Nationals, but refused to release the names of the athletes they tested.  After weeks of attempted requests for this information, they finally released the names, but also confirmed they would no longer share names of tested lifters with member federations, USA Powerlifting has retained the email correspondence of these events.

Additionally, USA Powerlifting filed a complaint with WADA against the IPF for disclosing confidential athlete information. Confidential data was emailed by IPF President Gaston Parage to a wide audience which violates WADA code. The IPF President should never have been in possession of the data which he shared. He is not on the IPF Anti-Doping Commission, not on the IPF Doping Hearing Panel, not on the IPF Medical Committee, and not on the IPF TUE Committee. (Violation of WADA Principle 12.2 of the International Standards for Testing and Investigations & Section 4.1 of the International Standards of Results Management.)

WADA acknowledged our complaint, but declined our offer to provide further supporting documentation of the IPF’s history of breaching confidentiality.  WADA declined to inform USA Powerlifting what action was taken with the IPF for the violation of  athlete confidentiality.  The IPF has not followed up with USA Powerlifting on what they are doing to remedy the breach of confidentiality, again no transparency by the IPF.  At the same time, the IPF demands USA Powerlifting hand over full medical records of our athletes who have obtained TUEs. USA Powerlifting refuses to breach the confidentiality of U.S. athletes’ medical information and will not now, or ever, turn over this sensitive information.

To conclude while USA Powerlifting is subject to punishment by the IPF  for drug testing, the IPF

Has zero transparency of their drug testing program
Reduces overall testing
Does not require Member Nations to drug test
Breaches confidentiality of athletes
Continues to change rules to satisfy their agenda

As stated in the prior Press Releases:  USA Powerlifting remains committed to drug testing at all levels.  


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