PRESS RELEASE: USA Powerlifting Immediately Suspended From IPF For Drug Testing

August 27, 2021

USA Powerlifting Immediately Suspended From IPF For Drug Testing

(Anchorage, AK) USA Powerlifting received the judgment from the IPF Doping Hearing Panel. Despite our plea to allow nominated athletes to compete, much like the IOC and IPF did for Russia (ROC), The IPF has denied athletes the right to compete. We are essentially being suspended for too much drug testing and not for doping violations. A 12-month suspension for all USA Powerlifting members from IPF competitions is effective immediately.

For over 40 years USA Powerlifting has been America’s Choice for Drug-Free Strength Sport. We believe that fair play and a clean platform at every level is important above all else. We refuse to capitulate to the IPF’s new brand of powerlifting that allows doping to run rampant.

The biggest impact in this brave new world is on the athletes. For the sake of our athletes, we will continue to fight for what is right. We believe in drug testing at all levels so that everyone from the local level to the elite level has a fair play platform. We believe in targeted testing to catch cheaters. And we believe that in order to call yourselves drug-free, you actually have to conduct drug testing at all levels of competition.

With our suspension from the IPF we are now the World’s Choice for Drug-Free Strength Sport. We will continue to lead the sport in innovation by consistently providing the best powerlifting product in the world; from high-quality events with professional light, audio, and jumbo screens, to great accommodations and locations. Athletes compete with USA Powerlifting because they are treated well and have access to the best drug-free powerlifting platform in the world.

We are deeply disappointed in this decision by the IPF. Our hearts go out to our National Team members who have had the rug pulled out from under them. We released the announcement of our new Pro Series on social media earlier this week. Details will be coming soon, but one of the first details we want to share is that the monies previously allocated for participation in the IPF events will now be given directly back to the athletes. This new level of competition will pay out over $200,000 to our Pro Athletes and raise the level of competition to even greater heights.

To all our members and most of all to our athletes; thank you for your commitment to our purpose, values, and mission. Because of you, our future is bright and because of you, we will continue to fight the good fight and ensure you have the best powerlifting experience possible.


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