Austin Brown: Quick Check In Before Bench Press Worlds!

​Quick check in with US National Team coach Austin Brown. Austin is the 105kg equipped bench press national champion and two weeks out from the Bench Press World Championships in Sun City, South Africa. He talked about his experience coaching on the biggest stages in powerlifting at the World Games and the Open World Championships in 2022. He tells his backstory, recaps some of his notable performances over the years, and gives us a mini preview show for Bench Press Worlds, where he shouts out a lot of the favorites and storylines from the US National Team. Austin is coached by James Townsend and is part of the Elite Iron crew in Georgia and he assured us that they will be bringing a formidable team to equipped nationals in Scottsdale in 3 weeks. After that, Austin will be coaching the US National Team at the North American Regional Championships in the Cayman Islands in August. Make sure to follow him @austinbrown105 and @powerlifting_america for the links to all of these upcoming competitions.
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