Joy Rindfleisch: Powerlifting’s Superstar!!

​Joy Rindfleisch is the 63kg subjunior national champion who finished second at the world championships in 2022. Now she’s a junior, two weeks out from Nationals where she’ll be one of the youngest lifters in her class. Joy had a meteoric rise to fame on social media this year, gaining over a million followers on Tiktok and over 600k on Instagram! She uses her platform to inspire people and raise awareness about mental health issues like disordered eating, anxiety and depression. She also wants to inspire women to take up more space, get strong and be true to themselves. And she does all of this by creating amazing powerlifting content day in a day out, bringing our beloved sport to the masses. 
In this episode you’ll get to see a different side of Joy, the person behind the big social media accounts and get to know her a little better. She talks about her trials and tribulations at big powerlifting meets like nationals and worlds, her huge performance in Buffalo earlier this year, and her mindset going into Junior Nationals in two weeks. And yes, she also gives us some tips on how to grow a community on social media. She’s wise beyond her years so there’s a lot to learn and be inspired from this interview with Joy Rindfleisch.
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