Mass Lifters Come Up Big in PA

This past week at the USAPL Northeast Regional Championships in Oaks, PA, Massachusetts saw two of its own capture great success.  Two of the biggest proponents of powerlifting in Massachusetts, regarding size, strength and influence took home best lifter in their respective divisions.  Coach of the Iron Revolution, Con-Cret Powerlifting Team and Northeastern University  Powerlifting, Mike Zawilinski decided to show everyone that his knowledge of strength has even given him an edge to achieve huge numbers.  In the Open SHW division, Mike squatted 749, benched 716 (New State Record) on a critical third attempt and totaled 2017 lbs.  This was good for Gold in the SHW division, and the John Anthony “Bud” Dundan award for Overall Best Equipped  Male!  In the raw division, Northeastern standout Joseph Cappellino made the start in his first ever raw competition.  Joe squatted 600, benched 440 and deadlifted a big 744!  These are all new state records, including his 1784 lbs total.  Although a departure from Joe’s huge totals in geared pro and national events, he was pleased that he was able to grab gold in the raw SHW division, and the Allan Siegel Award for Best Raw Male.  Mike and Joe, who are training partners, will be preparing together for the Arnold Sports Festival Pro Powerlifting event in Columbus, OH on March 3rd 2012.

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