IPF Seeking IOC Recognition

Mr. Mollard, Mrs. McConnell, Mr. Scheiber, Mr. Wassmer
On Monday 12. November, the IPF Secretary General Emanuel Scheiber and representatives from the IOC had a meeting in Lausanne (SUI) regarding the IPF application for IOC recognition.

The IOC representatives were very impressed about the very complete and well done application. They pointed out the improvement since the last application 2006 and the great work in Anti Doping and Media (live streaming, magazine) matters. Another very positive effect is the cooperation with the Special Olympics and the IBSA.

During the meeting the Mr. Wassmer from the IOC described Mr. Scheiber the procedure until the final announcement of the recognition. Mr. Mollard and Mrs. McConnell did ask some details regarding media work, development efforts in the regions, preparations regarding the World Games 2013,…

The conclusion of the meeting was that the IPF has to finalize some additional paperwork but the IPF is on the right way and all participants of the meeting agreed that the IPF is ready for this big step – the IOC recognition.

Source: IPF Website

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