Joe Cappellino 4/29/13

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So I woke up saturday morning after smashing some squats and pulls the night before.  I was feeling pretty grizzly but had to hop in my car to go help my Mom, Gina Capp, move to a new place in Long Beach, NY.  To my surprise  when I got there her house was still pretty much full.  I moved furniture and boxes all day saturday and sunday, and even though I brought my stuff to workout, Read More

Joe Cappellino 4/26/13

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Met Ben after what may be the last time we CP to bay state.  My office is moving closer to the gym which is great for training, and I won’t have to fight rush hour from downtown Boston just to get a good smasher in with the crew.   suit bottoms squats with 573 bar weight and 270 tension 6 doubles, and I learned how to wear a tight belt. This fleet great. Talked to Read More

Joe Cappellino 04/25/13

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Close grip bench 295x2x3 345x3x5 395×3 3 way shoulder 15sx15 each 25sx3x15 each Testing out the back with some quick raw squats… Big squats and pulls tomorrow so nothing crazy. 315x3x5 405×1 475×1 365×5 tricep rope push downs– 6×20 incline DB press 100sx10 100sx2x12

Joe Cappellino 4/23/2013

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So after lots of ibuprofen and naproxen, I trained tuesday with a shitty back strain. Lower back, right side. I usually hit some nice raw cruisers on squat but I decided to start with bench, get my whole body lubed up, and squat at the end of the workout. Bench Volume 315 2 sets of 12 365 x 2 for fun Lat pulls 4 x 20 with 190 Squats 225x3x3 315x3x3 385x3x3 Felt super explosive, Read More

2013 Massachusetts Open Powerlifting Championships-Time Table Updated

04/22/2013 Mass-Lift 0

Quick Links: Championship Information Preliminary Timetable PDF Entry Form On-Line Entry Form Directions (Google Maps)   Championship Information: Sanctioned By: USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Meet Directors: Michael Zawilinski, Liane Blyn Sanction Number: MA-2013-01 Date, Time, Place: Sunday, June 2, 2013 starting at 9:00 a.m. at Athletic Based Training, 16 Everett St., Holliston, MA 01746 Eligibility: Must be a registered USAPL Member (memberships sold at weigh-ins. No qualifying totals required.) Uniforms: One piece lifting suits are mandatory Read More

Hadad Earns Broze Medal at World Masters Benchpress Championship

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Prague, Czech Republic, May 18, 2013- Jeffrey Hadad ( Peterborough, NH) placed third in the 66kg/145.5Lb weight class at the 13th World Masters Men’s Bench Press Championships. Hadad opened the event with a conservative 160kg/353.7Lb bench before making an aggressive 15kg/33Lb jump to his second attempt. The 185Kg/407.8Lb second attempt was not only a good lift but best his own American record by 2.5Kg/5.5Lb. Hadad then called for and made a successful 190Kg/418.8Lb third attempt, Read More

2013 Collegiate National Championships

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Click Here for Live Streaming and Scores of Collegiate Nationals The 2013 USAPL Collegiate National Championships is this weekend and the excitement is building. With classes that can be 40+ competitors deep, large crowds, and ear-piercing cheering, Collegiate Nationals is the most electric powerlifting meet that you are likely to encounter. Teams from around the nation train all year for this weekend, and 2013 looks to be another great event.  Let’s take a look at Read More