Joe Cappellino USAPL Mens Nationals 2013

Capp2013So… as I mentioned the last time I updated my training log, which I apologize was so long ago, my back was hurting very badly.

After returning from quest weekend 2.o I started seeing a chiropractor 2x per week.  I also took a week off of training completely.  That left me with two weeks to train for a meet that I have been thinking about for the last 52 weeks.  I was frustrated and did not keep my log because there was not much to report and It did not reflect what I feel is the way to prepare for a meet or get strong.  The information was worthless so I did not update my log.  I found out this weekend at the meet that people actually read my log…. which was new to me.

But in summary 2 weeks out I got crushed by 870 lbs on squat.  I scrambled with bench shirts and became very desperate.  1.5 weeks out I was able to hit a 738 deadlift which I was so happy I almost cried, then a few days later I hit my planned opener of 826 lbs in the squat.  This was lowered from the 865 lb number I was planning on for the last several months.

Ive never been more nervous going into a meet.  Unprepared, injured and to top it off going against two of the strongest men walking the earth…. Randall Harris and Blaine Sumner.  Ive never finished in 3rd place before and I thought this could be my fate. But I also knew if I could at worst finish in second that I would have a great shot to make the Open World team, so instead of pulling out of a meet for the first time ever I decided to forget expectations and compete.

So as for the meet…..  My back was tight but felt good during warmups.  I started to get confident in the warmup room.

Squats – I smoked my opener at 826, killed 876 and then hit 903 on my third.  I got so jacked up because my original plan was to take 881 on my second and then shut it down.  In no scenario in my head was I walking out 903 that day, but it happened and I think I hit it on pure adrenaline (and a tight ass wrap)

Bench – Both Blaine and Randall did not have a good result in the squat so I wore my most consistent rage-x for making attempts since I was in the lead, and hit a 672 and 694.  Passed my third.

Deadlift – We lowered my opener and I hit 3 easy attempts.  683, 722, 749.  I could have pulled at least 10kg more but the 749 locked up best heavyweight lifter over the one and only Mann of Steel.

When I put my third pull down I realized I was Open National Champion.  The pedigree of USAPL SHW Open champions is great… and I was able to do it shortly after turning 25.  After last year I doubted if I could ever win an Open National championship with the current roster of SHW’s the USAPL has.  I am going to go to Stavanger, Norway to compete at Open Worlds in November.  Luis and Charlie, who are my great friends both won their weight classes and made the team as well.  Its gunna be a hell of a trip.

What it comes down to is that I may not have been the strongest person in the meet, but I was the best powerlifter.  I also have the best team of people that support me.  Sherman Ledford, Brooks Conway and the rest of the Quest Nutrition team is the best and I owe them the world.  Not because they help me powerlift, but because they are my second family and helped me realize how to enjoy life.

All the people from Massachusetts that I train with also deserve some credit.  BTM, Luis, Ben, Peach, Tony…. Mark S from Baystate and Big Al from Xaverian… Thank You.  My Mom, Stacey, and Danielle come to every meet I do…. Thanks.


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