Joe Cappellino 6-27-2013

Back to the grind 3 days after the meet…

My back is not 100% so I wanted to just come in and get some volume in with super light weights…. Every thing was done fig leaf. (No Belt or wraps)

Buffalo Bar Squat

worked up to 330 for 5 sets of 3



5×5 with 264 lbs


SLDL standing on 3″ Block

4×6 with 242

6 sets of 10 of leg raises


Will be back in on Sunday morning doing the same thing with slightly heavier weights, then I will be away for most of the week next week.  When I come back I will start a 9 week raw program, the transition to an 8 weeks gear focus I will work on with BTM. That 17 weeks cycle will bring me right into Worlds in Norway.

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