Joe Cappellino 7/12 & 7/14


So this was the second half of week 1 of the shieko CMS-MS program.  I plugged my maxes in as 661, 490 and 744 trying to be conservative.  It still didnt work.

I was so sore on friday that I did not finish all the squats.  My body was just not having it.  Other than that this week went alright, and is the second most intense week of the entire program, volume wise.  A word of advice for the future… to myself and others… would be to never start a high volume program after taking time off.  Next time  I will take a week or two to ease back in.

Other notes……

I did the deficit pulls from 1.5″ inch box, beltless and double over hand.  I will try to do this as long as possible.  I use straps for all the other deadlifts in the program.  I really pussied out and did my chest flyes with 10 or 20 lbs DBs the whole week, and the goodmornings with an empty bar one day, and 135 the other day.  The incline benches yesterday… I did with 264.  I will try to man up and do more weight on the non-big 3 exercises in the future but this week just killed me.  As some really smart men have told me… life sucks when your weak.

Hoegarten Bogarten:

John Bogart and Jim Kipp came down to train with us yesterday as well.  They Benched in shirts with Big Titty Mike and Liane.  Liane is getting ready for world games and she looks studly.  Big Tit, Kipp and Bogart are getting ready for bench nats.  I got some extra work in handing off John 8 something.  Had to belt up comp tight.  It was a good sesh to watch and those guys are awesome.  I told them me and big titty would ride out to upstate NY one weekend to train, preferably when Im doing shirt work for worlds.

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