Massachusetts State Meeting

07/31/2013 Mass-Lift 0

Massachusetts Powerlifting will be holding its annual meeting this Saturday at 12 noon in Wrentham. This meeting is open to all members of USA Powerlifting who are registered in Massachusetts, memberships can be purchased on site for $50 or online for $45. There will be several positions open for election and discussions to further improve our status as the leader for drug-free powerlifting in the state of Massachusetts. Click here for the agenda   Location: Read More

Joe Cappellino 7/26 & 7/28

07/29/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

180,000 lbs of volume. SMOKED. I even added in some shirted benches yesterday and worked 507×1 to a 3, 606×1 to a 3, 650×1 to a 2, 694 x 1 to a 1 and 716×1 to the chest. I had to jump in a shirt emergency mode because Big Titty and LU didnt advertise this pro meet that well…. and CANT GIVE AWAY 500 dollars.  So now I am doing the pro bench because they Read More

Joe Cappellino 7/22 & 7/24

07/25/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Week 3… the hardest week of the whole shieko.  Everything went smoothly monday and wednesday.  Double overhand grip is getting stronger.  Bench Pyramid on wednesday was diabolical.  TERRIBLE… but I got through.  57,000 lbs of volume yesterday…. glad thats over.

Joe Cappellino 7/19 & 7/21

07/22/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Pretty self explanatory.  This week went alot smoother and I didn’t skip any sets (I skipped 2 sets last week).  I wrapped up for the last sets of squats on friday.  I used 176 on the overhead press and 286 on the incline presses. I try not to go crazy on those since those arent counted towards my weeks volume. Week 3 starts today and is the worst week.  4 squats, 4 DLs and a Read More

Joe Cappellino 7/16 & 7/18

07/19/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Shieko Week 2…. Total volume isnt as bad as last week.  Also my body is starting to get back in the swing.  I was crippled from soreness last week.  This week I am cruising but still laboring.  Bodyweight is down around 350, Eating as much clean food as I can and will hopefully stay around 350 +/- 5lbs for the whole training cycle before norway.  The week before worlds I will most likely gain 10 Read More

Joe Cappellino 7/12 & 7/14

07/15/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

So this was the second half of week 1 of the shieko CMS-MS program.  I plugged my maxes in as 661, 490 and 744 trying to be conservative.  It still didnt work. I was so sore on friday that I did not finish all the squats.  My body was just not having it.  Other than that this week went alright, and is the second most intense week of the entire program, volume wise.  A word Read More

Joe Cappellino 7/11/2013

07/12/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

  Completed day 2 of the Shieko MS last night.  I am Sore AF.  Instead of typing out the million sets I am going to be doing every day… I will post an image every 2 workouts.  I cant even walk but I have to squat and bench tonight… miserable.  I think I am so sore because I took two weeks off after nationals, and wasnt doing much volume when I was injured.  The lifts Read More

Joe Cappellino 7/9/2013

07/10/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

So after 2 recovery workouts I took an entire week off and celebrated the Fourth of July with my family and friends in NY. I had two days off from work and that does not happen EVER so I enjoyed it.  I went to the beach every day and look like a full fledge Samoan man now. Also I drank a few adult beverages. That was great but cutting it out for the next 17 Read More

Joe Cappellino 6/30/2013

07/10/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Basically did the same workout as last time. Beltless, wrapless. buffalo bar squats 5 sets of 3 with 352 bench 5×5 with 286 2brd bench 2×5 396 double over hand beltless pulls 418x2x2 440x2x1 462×1