Joe Cappellino 8/13, 8/15 & 8/16

Week 6 of shieko… what a ride.

Tuesday I went in and squatted 529 3×3 and 562 3×2 .  On the last rep of the last double… something in my hammy/ass region twinged.  I was PISSED to say the least.  I have been doing a ton of volume lately and it was bound to happen.  I hit the benches 391 2×2, 441 2×1 and then 391 2×2.  I was supposed to squat again 4×4 a 70%, but instead did 4×4 with 155 lbs paused… definetely not going to make the mistake of training myself into getting injured again.

Thursday I came in and the hamstring was very sore so I did not squat or deadlift…

I hit shieko benches at 391 6×3…. then I did alot of assistance work I havent been doing since ive started shieko master of sport.

Machine Rows, latpulls, DB shoulder presses, side lat raises, abs and some chest flyes… probably some other stuff I am forgetting.

Friday I wanted to hit some pulls, because I knew I wasnt quite ready to squat.  I took the opportunity to try out a new maxDL I got before mens nationals that was too tight to throw on the day of the meet, courtesy of John Inzer and IAD!

I hit shieko bench… 391 for some triples of course and then two singles of 418 with nice pauses… these were very fast.  I felt good about it because since that bench only meet my arms shoulders and chest has felt like trash.  I warmed up to pull… 518 for two triples with no belt….  hamstring was quivering so I knew it was time to suit up.  I took me quite a while to get it on with no suit slippers.  I could only do singles because it was hard to get down to the bar.  I hit 595 twice, 672 and then 716.  Speed was ridiculous and I know that THIS SUIT will come in very handy in Norway when its crunch time. I hit hit some bridges abs (Mike bridges floor rocking stuff) for 5×10 and then departed for Long Island to see my momma for the last time before Norway.  It was her 57th birthday.

I took saturday, sunday and monday off lifting.  It was a good 90 +/- hour break because 6 weeks of shieko beat me up.  6 weeks sounds short but it felt like a lifetime.

I am starting the anello deadlift this week and will be doing that for the next 12 weeks.  I am going to get in squat gear for the next 3 weeks as well.  Then I will be doing another 3 weeks of shieko raw, and then 5 weeks back in gear before the meet.  Hope all goes well.

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