Joe Cappellino 8/29, 8/30 & 9/1

8/29 Thursday

Bench 385 5 sets of 3

Squat 429 4 sets of 6

Close Grip Bench 4×4 with 336

Good Mornings with like 200 lbs 5×5

Light ass DB chest flys to stretchs


8/30 Friday… Titty was in the house to view some squats which is always good.

429 x 1 with no belt.

TRX on, all sets straps down.  Add Wraps over 700.



716 x 2




After than I did some speed pulls with 352 on a deficit.

Bridges ABs were wild, then went to Nicks to get some grub.  The people there have missed us since we started doing Chilis more often.  Seems as if Titty and I are pretty recognizable people.


It was 80 degrees inside the gym, and so humid i think it was raining in the gym.  Sunday workouts are really fucking long and this was no exception.



Put on loose rage X

Worked up to 694 2×2 off a 2 board




Machine Rows

3 reds each side x 3 x 15

Side Lat raises… sets of 10 with 40lb DBs

Squats a la Charles (No Belt)

496 for 5 doubles….

Please notice how soaked I was at this point… I got a dehydration headache that last until tuesday after this.

It was so hot that Peach got sick from his pre workout concoction of assault, concret, glutatren, multivitamins and dog piss.

Or maybe it was the scent of his own body because jesus Peach fucking stinks.

He wanted to go to the hospital but I really needed to eat.  So we left him there while Ben SMOKED cardio and he got the rest of that ish out.

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