Joe Cappellino 9/3, 9/5, 9/6, 9/8

Tuesday 9/3

Peach is back to school and titty is still no where near coming back to the gym, so Ben and I basically have all of baystate to ourselves.  Honestly, peach is annoying and the workouts seem to be alot better without him.  Also Ben seems in a much better mood since peach is gone.

Its good to have Ben back as a lifting partner (I was lifting on the main rack while peach and ben did their shit on another rack since they were working off the same maxes).

Ben and I have agreed that tuesday is pause squat day.

I hit 6 doubles of 385 with no belt.  Ricks Johnson was telling us we will never squat as deep as OLY lifters so I was trying to sit on the floor. It was fun… Ricks is a high squatting hypocrite anyway.

Incline bench 4×6 with 308

Anello Deadlifts, no belt

5×1 595

DB rows

3×20 100#

Abs… 5×15 incline sit ups.


Thursday 9/5

Bench with ed and Ben







Close grip bench

4×4 341

Tricep Rope for lots of reps

Tricep push down on lat bar for lots of reps


Friday 9/6

429 raw no belt

Full gear




Deficit pulls (15 kilo plates)

396 for 6 doubles

Bridges ABS

5 sets of 18…. PEEEE AHHHH

Chilis to smash on 2 fer 20s.  Our usual waiter wasnt there… he and his GF, who also works at chilis had off to celebrate their anni.  Congrats bro but get back in there so ben and Lu get free salads.


Sunday 9/8

Headed down to the NUPL ladies Car wash in the morning on the way to the gym…. they need to learn how to dry cars but they were definetely letting it all hang for some fund raising money.

One Board bench… pinky on ring.

474×2 raw

Loose Rage-X



Bent over rows

220 3×8

264 3×8


3×15 with like 165

Side lat raises

2×10 with 30s

4×10 with 40s

Squat No belt

3 doubles of 518  

Then we hit up whole foods hot bar and pinkberry…. sunday post workout is very masshole hipster granola but delicious.


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