Upcoming Competitions – Spring/Summer 2017 in New England

So many meets, so little time. USA Powerlifting has grown exponentially in the Northeast, mainly due to the hard work of the meet directors and their army of volunteers. As a result, if you are a powerlifter in the Northeast, there numerous opportunities to get onto the platform and smash PRs. Meet directors have loaded up the schedule so far this year, with more meets for the fall in the works. Here is a brief rundown of events coming up.

April 29 – 2017 USAPL NH State Championship (NH-2017-01)

Powerlifting has slowly been returning to the Granite State over the past few years. This year the state will hold its State Championship (only the 2nd USAPL meet in over 20 years in NH) in Peterborough, NH. While the event is open to all USAPL members, only NH State residents will be competing for medals. Lizz Smullen, NH State Chair, has done an excellent job growing the sport in New Hampshire and will be working to continue the steady growth here. More information here

May 6-7 – 2017 USAPL MA/RI State Championships (RI-2017-01)

Powerlifting in both the Bay State and Ocean State represents the largest powerlifting community in New England. This years MA/RI State Meet will be held at Next Level Fitness in Johnston, RI. This event will be just as large as last years, with over 200 lifters expected. Like the NH State meet, the event will be open to all USAPL members, however only RI and MA State lifters will be allowed to compete for medals. More information here

May 6 – 2017 USAPL Connecticut State Championships & Spring Classic

Connecticut has grown significantly in the past few years, holding a few meets each year. This year Gleason Performance Training in Derby, CT will host the 2017 Connecticut Championships. If you are a local CT lifter, this is the meet to be at this year.

June 17 – 2017 USAPL Vermont State Championship

Coming soon to the state that brought you Maple Syrup, Bernie Sanders, and Heady Topper, the 2017 Vermont State Championship! This event will be the first of it’s kind in at least 20 years and will be held at Raw Strength and Fitness in St. Albans, VT. This is an ideal meet if you’ve ever wanted to perform the squat lift within eyesight of the Canadian border. Find details here!

Aug 19-20 – 2017 USAPL Northeast Regional Championship

Following the success of the joint Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Super-Regionals this past November, Massachusetts was chosen to host the 2017 Northeast Regional meet, to be held in Marlborough, MA. The event will give many local lifters a chance to compete against the best lifters from around New England and New York. Expect another 200+ lifter event, so sign up early. The event is only open to lifters who are residents of New England or New York, and must have a totaled in a meet from January 1, 2016. Winners of the divisions/weight classes will automatically be qualified for Raw or Open Nationals. More information here