New Mexico News: Shuttleworth Smashes State Records at the Titan Pro Bench Bash

Maura Shuttleworth of Santa Fe represented both New Mexico and the United States on Sunday, March 5th at the Titan Pro Bench Bash as part of the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. The Santa Fe resident placed 5th overall in the women’s portion of the international invite only event and also smashed two New Mexico State Records in the process. Maura went 2 for 3 in the competition just narrowly missing her third attempt of 115 kg which would have broken her all time person best bench press, she was credited for her 2nd attempt of 107.5 kg. Her second attempt of 107.5 kg broke the 57 kg Women’s Open and Masters 1A state records.

Breaking records for Shuttleworth is nothing new for her. Currently, she holds 2 American Records, 12 New Mexico State Records and still holds 9 records from her previous state of Minnesota. The next competition for Maura is May 26th, this will be her sixth appearance at the IPF Open Bench Press World Championships, this year in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Video of the Titan Pro Bench Bash can be viewed here:


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