How To Strengthen A Weak Lift In Powerlifting

In this VIDEO, I go over how you can strengthen your weakest lift or weakest lifts. This is another user-submitted topic that’s fairly broad, so I break the problem down into a number of different factors.

First off, you need to have realistic expectations. Lots of lifters overestimate what can be achieved in the short term. In addition, lots of lifters think they’re much weaker than they actually are. So, it’s important to be realistic with how competitive each of your lifts currently is and what’s a reasonable amount of progress that can be made in the short term.

From there, I break the problem down into a number of training factors including technique, volume, frequency, weak point training, and more. In addition, I go over the mental aspect of dealing with your weakest lift.

And if you want to go more in-depth into your weakest lift to learn all about how to improve it, then check out my playlists linked below. I have a Squat Tips Playlist, Bench Tips Playlist, and Deadlift Tips Playlist with all kinds of tips and tricks to help you build up those lifts.

Squat Tips Playlist:

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Deadlift Tips Playlist:

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