Latest Powerlifting News (1/7/21)

This video goes over the latest news for IPF World Championships, NAPF Regional Championships, and USAPL National Championships, Regional Championships, and local meets. For Worlds, you can see the dates and locations on the IPF website linked below. For North Americans, the dates aren’t set and may actually be August 16-22nd. For Nationals, the locations and dates have been announced for Military, Collegiate, and High School Nationals. For the others, we’ll hopefully have more information soon. For USAPL Regionals, we don’t know and maybe they don’t happen. USAPL local meets are still going, and American records can now be set at them through May.

IPF Calendar:

USAPL Calendar:

Also, I forgot to discuss USAPL’s 4 new divisions. But you can read about all the new divisions with the details at the following link.

If I forgot anything else, then please let me know in the comments.

Powerlifting Coaching Services:

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