National Championships 2021 – When and Where

USA Powerlifting National Championships in 2021 are on the schedule!  We are excited to bring National level competition back after a quiet 2020, however, 2021 Nationals will look different than they have in years past due to the challenges of COVID and changes in the IPF schedule.  

Military, Police & Fire Nationals Hosted by Robert Keller, this event is scheduled for March 20 & 21 in Orlando, FL. [Website]

Juniors Raw & Equipped Full Meet will now be combined with Collegiate Nationals for 2021. Hosted by Travis Werner, this event is scheduled for April 8-11 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The website and entry forms will be updated shortly to reflect the addition of Juniors.

Teens Raw & Equipped Full Meet will now be combined with High School Nationals for 2021. Hosted by Dan and Jennifer Gaudreau, this event is scheduled for May 27-30 in Aurora, Colorado. The website and entry forms will be updated in the near future to reflect the addition of the Teens.

Open, Masters, Raw & Equipped Full Meet, Youth and Raw & Equipped Bench Press Nationals (Teen, Junior, Open, Masters) – Hosted by USA Powerlifting this event is scheduled for June 14-19 in Daytona Beach Florida. 

The combined nationals in Florida will take place at the Ocean Center. The meet hotel is directly on the beach and across the street from the venue. Both the Ocean Center and the Hilton are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, entertainment, and so much more.

High-level event information:

  • This event will be capped to stay within COVID-19 guidelines. Unlike Nationals in the past, this event will be limited to 2 platforms with some days having 2 sessions and others with 3.
  • The schedule is assembled so that all Masters will lift together, all Open will lift together and all Bench will lift together, with raw & equipped held on different days. All Youth will also lift together.
  • This event will be the final qualifying Nationals for all 2021 IPF World Championships.  
  • More information on schedule, entries and the event itself will be published soon.

The annual National Governing Body (NGB) meeting will take place on Sunday, June 20th from 9am-5pm.  Meeting details.

Qualifying Totals

Qualifying totals for Nationals can be achieved in any USA Powerlifting or NAPF/IPF meet that was held from January 1, 2019 up to the entry deadline of the meet.  Click here to review the qualifying totals.  (Qualifying for the new 69kg & 76kg weight classes.)

2021 National Team Selection

2021 National events* will be used for qualifying for the 2021 IPF World Championships.

  • To be considered for any of the Open National Teams, you must compete in the Open division.
  • Teens, Juniors, and Masters who compete in the Open division in the full 3-lift meet, will be ranked for the SubJr, Junior, and Masters teams based on their year of birth (YOB), regardless whether or not they compete in the Teens, Juniors or Masters divisions.
  • Selections for the Bench National Team will be from those who compete at the bench only event. Those who compete only in the 3-lift meets will be ranked in the alternate pool for the Bench National Team. 

* Military, Police and Fire Nationals is not a qualifying event for international events.

It is our goal to place nationals so that it makes sense to qualify and field national teams for IPF Worlds. For the first time ever Raw, Equipped, Full Meet, and Bench Only competitors will be all together. We are excited for this event and will share more information as it becomes available.


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