Joe Cappellino 10/1, 10/3, 10/4 & 10/6

10/07/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Another training log where I have to remember an entire week of  exercises. Tuesday 10/1 was pretty solid. Pause squat… 6×2 with 440. DB bench…. sets of 15 DB shoulder press, seated… sets of 15 Im pretty sure I did something awesome after this but I cant remember. Abs.   Thursday…. What a day.  My car door is jammed so I had to come in through the passenger side…. My car is small and Im Read More

Joe Cappellino 9/27 & 9/29

10/01/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

9/27 Friday I am getting back in gear next week, and have been hitting the squat pretty hard.  I needed to tone it back  a little.  Also I am moving my heavy pull night to friday after squats next week to simulate a meet.  It worked well for mens nationals.  So I didnt pull this night either… will do deficits on tuesday with schlafo and have a 727 on the anello in my maxDL  next Read More

Joe Cappellino 9/24 & 9/26

09/27/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Tuesday 9/24   I started with some pause doubles of 418 squat, no belt…. 5 sets. Incline Bench…. 286×5, 308×5, 341x5x5x5 Deadlift 385×10 440×5 518×3 573×2 628×1 705×1 Block Pulls 628×5 705×3 760×2 The pulls took me a long time so I wrapped it up there.   Thursday 9/26 Speed Bench…. 10×3 with 319 GMs….. 2×10 with 231, x10 with 252 Close grip bench….. 264×10, 286x2x10, 308×5 Overhead DB tricep extensions… bunch of Read More

Joe Cappellino 9/17-9/22

09/23/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Tuesday 9/17 Started with pause squats with ben. Did 6 doubles of 396 with no belt and some real long pauses. Incline bench 286 for 2 sets of 5, 331 for 3 sets of 5. Deadlift… I finally added my belt in but suprisingly I had the least explosiveness so far.  Weight is going up though so I know the belt will come in handy.  611 for 5 singles. DB rows… sets of 25 with Read More

Joe Cappellino 9/10, 9/11, 9/13 and 9/15

09/17/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

This week was definetely going to be approached in a way where I could get some recovery in from the 3 week gear cycle I did for squat where I was also squatting 4x per week I am taking out the 4th day… usually thursday, from here on in.  Sunday squats will be taken out as well when we get close to the meet.  I didnt really hit any heavy lifts this week so hopefully Read More

Joe Cappellino 9/3, 9/5, 9/6, 9/8

09/09/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Tuesday 9/3 Peach is back to school and titty is still no where near coming back to the gym, so Ben and I basically have all of baystate to ourselves.  Honestly, peach is annoying and the workouts seem to be alot better without him.  Also Ben seems in a much better mood since peach is gone. Its good to have Ben back as a lifting partner (I was lifting on the main rack while peach Read More

Joe Cappellino 8/29, 8/30 & 9/1

09/03/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

8/29 Thursday Bench 385 5 sets of 3 Squat 429 4 sets of 6 Close Grip Bench 4×4 with 336 Good Mornings with like 200 lbs 5×5 Light ass DB chest flys to stretchs Abs 8/30 Friday… Titty was in the house to view some squats which is always good. 429 x 1 with no belt. TRX on, all sets straps down.  Add Wraps over 700. 540×2 650×1 716 x 2 760×2 804x2x3 ttp:// After Read More

Joe Cappellino 8/27

08/28/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Pause Squats 6 doubles at 363, no belt.  Long ass pauses.   Incline bench – Thai massage made my shoulder feel alot better 264 x 2 x 5 308 x 3 x 5.   Anello Deadlift – All No belt, Double overhand up until the double 341×10 396×5 484×3,  pronated grip for second two 529×0 (Double overhand) 529×2 595×1 667×1 Block Pulls, inch or two below the knee 595×5 661×3 722×2 ABS… whatever Read More

Joe Cappellino 8/20-8/25

08/27/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Gotta put down a full week of training on this one. Tuesday my hammy was still feeling a little sore so I started by doing beltless pause squats. I did 6 doubles of 341… real world class stuff here right? Then I inclined benched 5×5 with 286…. shoulder was feeling jacked. Then I did the anello and pulled 573 for five beltless singles… that felt real good.  Did some abs DBs rows (100s x 20 Read More

Joe Cappellino 8/13, 8/15 & 8/16

08/20/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Week 6 of shieko… what a ride. Tuesday I went in and squatted 529 3×3 and 562 3×2 .  On the last rep of the last double… something in my hammy/ass region twinged.  I was PISSED to say the least.  I have been doing a ton of volume lately and it was bound to happen.  I hit the benches 391 2×2, 441 2×1 and then 391 2×2.  I was supposed to squat again 4×4 a Read More

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